A tool for comparing and selecting IT outsourcing partners

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Easy to use, free RFI scoring matrix for comparing IT nearshoring partners.

In our previous article, we discussed how to write a Request for Information (RFI) to best evaluate potential outsourcing suppliers.

We explained that a good Request for Information (RFI) forms the basis for selecting the right outsourcing partner and we provided you with a downloadable RFI template.

After you have received your RFI forms back from outsourcing companies and have shortlisted those that you would potentially like to work with, the next step is the comparison of your choices.

How do you compare outsourcing providers?

The assessment of potential nearshoring or outsourcing suppliers should be done carefully and should take account of a number of topic areas, for example infrastructure, experience, location, etc.

These categories need to be explored meticulously, for example by dividing them into more specific areas, such as ‘evidence of similar projects or services delivered successfully’, or ‘adaptable to my tools and methods’ under the wider topic of experience.

The key then is to ensure each that of these categories is assigned a numeric rating (for example on a scale of 1-10) for a consistent and reliable assessment.

We have created a downloadable tool – an RFI scoring matrix – to help you select the right outsourcing provider.

The tool will help you to:

  • make the process of comparison and selection of an outsourcing provider fairer, quicker and more transparent,
  • formalise the process of choosing the right outsourcing supplier, since you can use the template as part of your standard selection process,
  • present the results of your research in a professional and digestible way to your boss and colleagues,

The tool is also fully customisable – you are free to edit it and add your own categories and ratings.

Since our foundation in 2000, Future Processing has worked on hundreds of software outsourcing projects, across a number of industries, with partners from Europe and beyond.
Having spoken to many of our clients over the years, we have gained valuable insight into how our clients evaluate potential outsourcing suppliers and what areas they take into consideration.
This has inspired us to create the tool, designed to help you select the right outsourcing provider.

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