A tool for comparing and selecting IT outsourcing partners

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Welcome to the easy to use, free RFI scoring matrix for comparing IT nearshoring partners.

In our previous article, we discussed how to write a Request for Information (RFI) to best evaluate potential outsourcing suppliers.

We explained that a good Request for Information (RFI) forms the basis for selecting the right outsourcing partner and we provided you with a downloadable RFI template.

After you have received your RFI forms back from outsourcing companies and have shortlisted those that you would potentially like to work with, the next step is the comparison of your choices.


The significance of choosing the right IT outsourcing company

Before you dive into the actual selection of your outsourcing company, let’s focus for a moment on why choosing the right IT outsourcing partner is so important. If everything goes well, you will be working with this company for a long time and you will entrust it with your important projects. During weeks or months of your collaboration, you will encounter many moments when something is not going as planned and when you need to understand each other really well to achieve your goal. Only if you can do that, your IT outsourcing partner will be able to significantly impact your operations, growth and overall success.

This is why choosing the right outsourcing partner is so important – before you start your collaboration you need to sure it’s the right team to deal with your project, rain or shine.


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Why is a dedicated tool for IT outsourcing partner selection very useful?

Using a dedicated tool when selecting an IT outsourcing partner is highly useful for several reasons. Most importantly, it streamlines and enhances the process, making it much more effective and simply better.

By using such a dedicated tool instead of a simple manual comparison you will get a better:

  1. efficiency, as it automates many aspects of the outsourcing partner evaluation process by collecting, organising and analysing data from potential partners more quickly and accurately than manual methods, saving time and effort;
  2. evaluation, as it uses predefined criteria and algorithms to assess the potential of each IT outsourcing company objectively, reducing the risk of bias or subjective judgment and ensuring that your IT service provider is selected based on merit and compatibility with your organisation’s needs;
  3. consistency, as it ensures that the same evaluation criteria and standards are applied consistently to all potential partners.

Simply put, a dedicated tool allows for a better decision-making process, leading to a better partnership and better outsourcing models that will have a huge impact on your organisation.


How do you compare outsourcing services and companies?

The assessment of potential nearshoring or outsourcing suppliers should be done carefully and should take into account of a number of topic areas, for example infrastructure, experience and location. It should include the analysis of your business requirements, software you want to use and your deadlines, as well as your preferred outsourcing and software development models or the requirements of your in house team.

These categories need to be explored meticulously, for example by dividing them into more specific areas, such as ‘evidence of similar projects or services delivered successfully’, or ‘adaptable to my tools and methods’ under the wider topic of experience. It is also useful to look into opinions of previous clients – they will help you establish whether the outsourcing providers you consider have already worked on a similar software development project and whether they have experience in the similar industry.

The key then is to ensure that each of these categories is assigned a numeric rating (for example on a scale of 1-10) for a consistent and reliable assessment – only that way you can make sure the total score for all is meaningful.

To help you with the whole process we have created a downloadable tool – an RFI scoring matrix. You can use it to select the right outsourcing provider and be sure your decision is based on unbiased, objective facts.


The Tool will help you to:

  • make the process of comparison and selection of an outsourcing provider fairer, quicker and more transparent,
  • formalise the process of choosing the right outsourcing supplier, since you can use the template as part of your standard selection process,
  • present the results of your research in a professional and digestible way to your boss and colleagues.

The tool is also fully customisable – you are free to edit it and add your own categories and ratings.

Since our foundation in 2000, Future Processing has worked on hundreds of software outsourcing projects across a number of industries, with partners from Europe and beyond.

Having spoken to many of our clients over the years, we have gained valuable insight into how our clients evaluate potential outsourcing suppliers and what areas they take into consideration.

This has inspired us to create the tool, designed to help you select the right outsourcing provider.


Listen to IT Decision Makers’ opinions about evaluating potential partners:


Best practices for utilising the tool to its fullest potential

If you decide to use our tool for comparing IT outsourcing partners, it’s best to do it right.

Here are some good tips that will help you along the way:

  1. Define your objectives and goals for outsourcing.
  2. Identify key evaluation criteria that matter most to your organisation. The most common ones include technical expertise, experience, cost, scalability, cultural fit, compliance, security measures and past performance.
  3. Collect all data about your potential IT outsourcing partners, including their portfolio, references, certifications, financial information and case studies.
  4. Develop a scoring system to objectively evaluate potential partners against all criteria.
  5. Carefully input all data into the tool.
  6. Use the tool to calculate scores for each partner based on your criteria.
  7. If possible, go for a site visit or organise an interview with your potential collaborators to get a deeper understanding of their capabilities, culture and work environment.
  8. Check their references.
  9. Use all data to make an informed decision.


Streamlining the IT Outsourcing Process with the Right (and Free!) Tool

Getting your IT outsourcing process right is crucial for the future of your projects and for your collaboration with an outsourcing company. If you are keen to optimise its efficiency, reduce errors, and ensure successful partnerships, go for the tool we’ve prepared for you. And if along the way you encounter any questions you would like to know the answers to, do get in touch!


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