Checklist: What to include in an IT partnership contract

Reading time: 2 min

Before the cooperation even starts, its main rules are to be agreed on by two parties.

It’s crucial to make sure that both sides of the contract know what to expect so that they can cooperate smoothly with the aim of fulfilling previously established goals.

It is also important to discuss the issues so that the cooperation starts with no unexpected delays.

What to include in the contract and how to make sure all the important aspects are covered?

To save you trouble Dawid Przespolewski, our Head of Business Development, prepared a whitepaper on the matter basing on his many years of experience.

It includes all important issues that appear in IT partnership contracts enlisted and grouped accordingly to three categories – cooperation, payment and people.

You will find there e.g. the most popular models of cooperation in IT partnership, and options considering payment for bug fixing.

We also provide you with a practical, clickable checklist to make sure that all the matters considering the rules of cooperation are covered in a contract you are about to sign.

Feel free to download our whitepaper to check if all the issues included found their answers in your negotiations.

Good luck with your project!