RFP template for Cloud Services

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Organisations from all over the world see the importance of secure, remote access to data. The interest in Cloud Services grows every year as they help businesses digitally transform and adjust to the users’ and market’s changing requirements.

Bring in the Cloud to support your strategy, accelerate your business and ensure data security.

Choosing the best IT supplier for Cloud Services is a challenge but with our free template you can run the whole selection process faster and on the basis of the adequate information.

We went through the Requests for Proposal for Cloud Services that we’ve received over the years and, together with our technical specialists, compiled an RFP for Cloud Services template that covers all the key aspects.

Its first part is related to project information and covers e.g.: project’s overview, its main goals and requirements while the second is a supplier questionnaire. With our template you can gather information in a formal and structured manner that enables easy comparisons.

Provide relevant information about your business, ask precise questions and state your needs. The detailed description of your requirements and expectations will become the project’s baseline and will increase the effectiveness of the final supplier selection.

An RFP for Cloud Services should be sent to companies you shortlisted as potential suppliers for the particular project.

The needs of each organisation vary and therefore the RFP for Cloud Services should be tailored to your needs.

Download our template, adjust it to your project and get an irreplaceable, high quality tool in a decision-making process.

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