RFP template for Software Product Design

Reading time: 1 min

A Request for Proposal (RFP) serves a double purpose. It is an opportunity to define your organisation’s needs and outline its challenge, as well as an opportunity to collect responses from potential suppliers to solve your organisation’s problem.

But when it comes to the design stage of a digital product – be it software, an app or an entire system – a standard RFP for software development may not be enough for everyone.

This is becuase software product design involves specific roles, tools and methods, and so, when considering your next digital product, you may want to be more focused on this area in your RFP document.

Thinking about the needs of such organisations, we created a downloadable RFP for Software Product Design template document.

Our RFP for Software Product Design will help you to:

  • collect responses on approaches to software product design proposed by various software providers,
  • select the best IT partner to tackle your particular challenge,
  • define the needs and outline the problem of your organisation.

The RFP template is an editable document to allow you to tweak it as required. You can add or remove sections/questions, review your current RFP template against this one, or use it as inspiration.

Our aim is to help you solve your challenge and design a product that will add value, be adapted to your business environment and be really attractive to its users.