Whitepaper: IT project transition – real-life tips & tricks

Reading time: 2 min

The project transition is always a highly complex process. Regardless of its cause, it is crucial to handle it in the most efficient way.

There are numerous reasons that may result in the client’s decision to choose a different IT partner but no matter why it happens, handing over a project to another IT company requires weeks or months of combined effort, depending on the scale of the project.

It is a process which involves a lot of specialists and organisations and in which, apart from dealing with a number of people, you have to be able to reconcile often conflicting interests, ideas and views.

Although the projects themselves can vary, transition always includes steps like: careful planning, establishing roles, team workflow and completion of the process in terms of technical and social aspects. Apart from the work organisation you should also analyse the technical problems that may occur during the process and plan the solutions beforehand.

How to manage the process in the smoothest way possible? How to make sure that all the problems are named and all the key steps are well executed?

To save you trouble we prepared this whitepaper based on our own real experience with transiting an IT project!

We learnt a lot along the way, picked up some excellent moves, and also made a few mistakes — from which we were able to draw some valuable conclusions. You’ll see how we managed to deal with each part of the process – from preparation, through the actual transition, to the completion of the project.

We also present you with lessons learnt sections with practical tips & tricks.

Additionally, you’ll find in it the top 10 factors of success in IT project transition and BONUS section on work organisation & technical problems that may appear during the process.

So, if you are about to take part in the IT project transition download our free whitepaper.

Good luck with your project transition!

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