RFP for IT Consulting Services template

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In this article, we will show you what an RFP for IT consulting services is and why it is essential to choose an RFP template created specifically for those who search for IT consultancy companies.

What is a Request for Proposal (RFP) in the IT industry?

According to Gartner’s definition:

“A request for proposal (RFP) is both the process and documentation used in soliciting bids for potential business or IT solutions required by an enterprise or government agency. The RFP document typically outlines a statement of requirements (SOR) to be met by prospective respondents wishing to make a bid to deliver the required solutions. It might cover products and/or services to meet the given requirements. The RFP documentation also typically covers the related procurement process, evaluation criteria, commercial terms and conditions, timeliness and activities involved, and what respondents should include in their RFP response.”

Simply put, an RFP template is a powerful tool to use while you start searching for the best-fitted IT consulting provider. It helps you set out detailed requirements and then compare potential suppliers. To expand the meaning of RFP and grab some more details on the whole process, check Best practices in RFP process.

Who prepares the RFP for IT consultancy?

This RFP template for IT consulting services was prepared here, at Future Processing. For 23 years of our experience as tech consultants and software development providers, we have received and filled out dozens of RFPs. Following a thorough analysis of received templates as well as other RFPs available on the market, we compiled an RFP template for technology consulting services.

We prepared this RFP template for those who search for a tech consultancy company that will fit the specific business needs and requirements. It is worth remembering that the needs of each organisation vary and therefore each RFP will be different and should be tailored according to those needs. That is why we recommend using our RFP template after implementing all the necessary adjustments.

What is the typical structure of an RFP for technology consultancy services?

An RFP document consists of two sections:


This part is created for the client, to fill out all the essential information about the project with details of specific needs, challenges or ideas.


This part is dedicated to your potential suppliers you have shortlisted in the RFP process. Their task is to answer your questions and prove that they are a good fit for your needs.

What is crucial, you can easily tailor the RFP to the specific needs of your company. You can add or remove certain questions to easier set all of your requirements. When you receive completed RFPs from the chosen providers, it would be easier to select the best tech consultancy partner.

Why is writing a proper RFP for a technology consulting project important?

You may wonder, why choose an RFP for technology consulting template instead of a general RFP template? It is simple, by using an RFP template devoted to IT consulting services, you can:

  • Use a document created for the specific needs of client searching for tech consultancy;
  • Be sure that all the essential requirements and questions in the field are included;
  • Freely modify the template to reflect your company’s and project requirements;
  • Make sure every crucial element is specified to receive meaningful answers;
  • Easily compare the most promising tech consultancy companies.

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