Ready-to-use template: RFP for a Digital Transformation Project 

Reading time: 2 min

We understand how crucial the choice of the right partner is in the tech world. More importantly so, when we’re not talking about a small IT project, but a complex transformation programme – propped up by a massive budget. To make life easier for you, we are sharing our know-how.

Here’s an RFP for a Digital Transformation project – ready to be downloaded and used for your own purposes. You’re welcome.

Here’s why you’ll find it valuable:

  • It is a Word document. You can edit it, you can delete bits, you can do anything you want with it!
  • It covers all you need to tell your potential contractors about your company and project.
  • It includes all the questions worth asking your potential partners.
  • It was made with Digital Transformation projects in mind.
  • It will save you paperwork!

So, download it, complete it and send it to your shortlist of tech partners.

While you’re at it, why not send it to us too? We know a few great digital transformation consultants and software developers that can help.

When the completed RFPs are back, it’s your turn to select the best one and kick of your Digital Transformation programme.
Use the Digital Transformation RFP and make your life easier. Because why not?