Best practices in the RFP process

In this episode of IT Leadership Insights, Jarosław Granat speaks to Lauren Tennant about the process of selecting an outsourced software development company.

From this video, you will learn about two different approaches for selecting an IT partner – the traditional, RFP-based process, and an alternative, workshop-based method developed by Lauren. Lauren will also reveal the best practices for selecting an IT outsourcing partner through an software RFP and explain which method is best for which type of company.

Our Guests:

Lauren Tennant is the Co-founder of Horizon Seven, a fun, energetic and world class team of sourcing experts. A leader in the field of sourcing, Lauren is redesigning the way we buy and sell technology services. Leveraging her skills as a former Global Technology leader, Lauren combines pragmatic advice with the latest sourcing practices to achieve the best results for both buyers and suppliers.

Jaroslaw Granat is Future Processing’s Head of Client Engagement, working to ensure the highest level of services for the company’s clients. He is a graduate of Computer Sciences and Psychology in Business and has worked in IT for the last 10 years.


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