Trapeze Group (UK) LTD

We have developed a number of server, web and mobile applications for Trapeze’s Auriga Dispatch System, which manages private hire and taxi fleets.

The most tangible effect of our cooperation is EVO SOLUTIONS – an internal desktop app written in Java, used mainly to manage tens of thousands of jobs every day, like the process of ordering a taxi, scheduling, and staff asset management.

Our main goal was to ensure that Trapeze can continue to offer a competitive product that is used by the biggest taxi companies in the country, making passengers’ lives easier.

There are many interesting business rules such as dispatching optimisation based on zones and point-based math algorithms or various loyalty benefits for regular customers. This allows Trapeze customers to utilise the system exactly the way they need, making the system more attractive to them.

I think the team cooperation has to be the strongest plus point for FP. Both teams we work with communicate well with my team based in the UK, are open to offering suggestions to improvements with functionality and technology stacks.

Dave Rose, Operations Manager

We have updated the maps, so that they display more detailed, up-to-date information. This allows telephonists to view and track vehicles on their own screen, giving them the ability to provide better ‘back on the phone’ service to their customers.

We wanted to make it possible, to among others, optimise route planning and reach the passengers faster. This will reduce time and money, previously spent on driving additional miles. Adding and developing new components will allow greater optimisation, bringing Trapeze more satisfied Clients.

Trapeze Group is a provider of software solutions used for public transport, with over 2,500 customers worldwide, including taxi and private hire fleet management. Their solutions consider the full 360 degrees of their Client’s operations.

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