Why choose Future Processing as your reliable IT software development partner?

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With the number of software development companies in the market today, it may be difficult to decide which one to go with.

We believe we would be the right choice for you if you are:

  • looking for software development expertise backed up by solid experience,
  • a partnership attitude to business where transparency and open communication is valued,
  • an ability to deliver software that is sustainable, reliable and of high quality.

But also if you are looking for:

  • more than software development, but also for all the added value services such as software product design, security, DevOps, Cloud or technology consultancy, and others,
  • a company which has mature processes and frameworks for delivering its services to clients.

Do you need more details? Find out what sets us apart.

You’ll gain a trusted IT partner to develop your bespoke software and take care of other IT needs

We believe that great people = great software

We’re trusted by our clients:

We’re trusted by the industry:

  • we won numerous awards including:
    • Clutch Top Developers Poland 2022 and 2021
    • IAOP 2022 Global Outsourcing 100 honouree
    • winner of the Strategic Sourcing Awards 2021 in the ‘Best company response to COVID-19’ category
    • TechReviewer’s Top Software Developers 2020
    • Global Sourcing Association’s (GSA) Best Nearshore Team, GSA’s Outsourcing Service Provider of the Year, Clutch Top .NET Developers and runner-up in the RITA REAL IT Awards in 2019
    • … and many others

  • we have been a Microsoft partner since 2007
  • we are a member of numerous business and IT outsourcing bodies

You’ll benefit from 20+ years of experience in software development

We started in 2000 with 2 people and have grown to a company of over 800 people.

During that time, we have managed and completed hundreds of projects, including:

  • Partnership with the Cambridge University Press boosting their capabilities in managing advanced software development and delivering enhanced digital products
  • Collaboration with Flowbird, a global leader in parking and transport ticketing solutions:
    • 10,000 UK and 5,000 Sydney buses equipped with devices working on software components created by Future Processing,
    • software for the ticketing system of Helsinki’s public transport serving over 2 million transactions every day.
  • Development of a time management system used by doctors in most NHS facilities in the UK together with Allocate Software.
  • Development of a key system used by Marston Holdings – the UK’s largest company providing judicial services, dealing with approximately 1.5 million cases annually.
  • Development of a warehouse management solution for FareShare, a charity that aims to combat food waste and hunger. Thanks to the software, goods in warehouses are serviced even up to 1/3 faster and FareShare can help up to 500,000 of those in need a week.
  • Implementation of a blockchain-based system that aims to revolutionise the financial sector, enabling crypto-financial operations for Smart Valor – a company recognised by Forbes as one of Europe’s 10 Most Exciting Technology SMEs For 2018.
  • And many more. Read our case studies to find out about other projects.

You’ll have access to true programming expertise

  • .NET, Java, Angular, React, C++, PHP, Node, Python (and other) experts available
  • On everage our experts have worked at Future Processing for 5 years and most has previous programming experience.
  • We can deliver whether you need a software engineering team, expertise around software development (e.g. security, DevOps, quality assurance) or software and technology consultancy
  • FPAcademy – internal training unit which ensures we attend regular training to master our current skills and develop new ones
  • The levels of our engineers by years of experience:

Why choose Future Processing as your reliable IT software development partner?


You’ll work with people who know how to deliver

  • Mature processes that guarantee predictable delivery, including:
    • The Future Processing Way – our own distinct way of working, a combination of methods, tools and behaviors which helps our clients achieve great results through our partnership.
    • Delivery Success Indicators – over 80 indicators that help our project managers efficiently monitor projects and react really fast to challenges that occur during the development phase.
    • Best Practices of Software Development – a standards guideline defining quality requirements in 7 areas: Architecture, Code, Development Environment, Development Process, DevOps, Quality Assurance, Quality Attributes.
  • Peace of mind allowing you to make commitments to your stakeholders and take more dynamic business decisions.
  • So much more than only software development. See the whole breadth of our services.

Why choose Future Processing as your reliable IT software development partner?

You’ll work with a company with a great atmosphere

  • Low employee turnover – 11,5% for 2021 compared to the market average of 14,4% which means better retention of talent and know-how in your project
  • Our employees value Future Processing’s atmosphere
  • Mini Happy Team, an internal employee happiness check, conducted every month, Mini Effectiveness Survey measuring team’s effectiveness and Employee NPS checked every quarter and external Engaged Performance™ survey conducted by Kincentric Group every year

So, if you are looking for value beyond code writing, we’re the people to speak to. Get in touch and see that we’re the right fit!


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