Whitepaper: IT outsourcing lifecycle

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How can the process of collaboration with an IT service provider look like?

Research has shown a strong link between digital transformation and IT outsourcing. According to analysis conducted by, key drivers of the UK IT outsourcing market include business transformation (64% of respondents). At the same time, an overwhelming majority of European enterprises surveyed by 451 Research claims a critical aspect of transformation projects is outsourcing to trusted providers, with 91% preferring third party or external specialist partners to support their digital transformation projects.

With the importance that IT outsourcing plays in the world of business today, it is now more significant than ever to understand the key phases of the outsourcing process and the best practices that should be applied to each stage.

The IT Outsourcing Lifecycle whitepaper will take you through the journey of IT outsourcing from the beginning – the moment you decide to outsource, until the completion of your cooperation.

It will show you how the process of cooperation with an IT services supplier can look like, and provide useful tips on what should be considered throughout the relationship.

IT Outsourcing Lifecycle

The IT Outsourcing Lifecycle

The whitepaper is aimed at people who have so far mostly used internal software development and at those that have already used external IT service providers but wish to organise their knowledge about outsourcing in a systematic way.

Here are just a few questions that the whitepaper will answer:

  • What are the key phases of the IT outsourcing lifecycle?
  • What is the process of selecting an IT supplier?
  • What should not be missed from an IT outsourcing contract?

The whitepaper contains a number of practical insights and tips, including useful downloadable templates, which can help you make your next outsourcing endeavour a success.

Fill in the form and download the IT Outsourcing Lifecycle whitepaper to find out the answers to these and many other questions.