Video: Outsourcing Partners – should they challenge you?

Reading time: 2 min

Nearshore partners that have the courage to question your ideas – discover IT Decision Makers’ opinions.

Outsourcing providers can be divided into two types: ones that will do everything you’ve requested them to do, ‘no questions asked’, and ones that will pose questions or even seem to challenge you.

Which attitude is better? Let’s look more closely at both of them and listen to what some of our Clients have to say regarding that matter.


The ‘yes to everything’ partner vs The ‘why’ partner

The ‘yes to everything’ partner follows the simple rule of ‘whatever the client wants, the client gets’. They will neither ask questions nor propose alternative solutions, they just do as they’re told, regardless of whether or not the solution will be what’s best for the client.

The ‘why’ partner, on the other hand, will typically ask questions like ‘why would you like to do it this way?’, ‘have you considered X?’ as if to verify you’re going in the right direction. They will happily share their knowledge and expertise because they are is focused on delivering the best possible end results for you.

An effective outsourcing relationship to deliver quality results needs a true partnership approach. That is why we believe it’s better that have a proactive partner that will pose questions, provide suggestions and set you a challenge, rather than someone that will passively agree to whatever their task is.