Video: How did we scale-up with outsourced resources?

Reading time: 1 min

A decision to start outsourcing is often driven by the lack of capacity – you realise that your internal resources are not able to deal with the amount of work that the company is planning. However, they may be other reasons.

In the following video, Graham Perry, Business Unit Director from iSite, a British property estate management software business, explains the company’s decision behind outsourcing and talks about how they scaled up their IT development team. Graham further explains the benefits his company has experienced from working with Future Processing and what difference the cooperation has made to iSite.



1. What is iSite? 0:09
2. What is your role in the organisation? 0:50
3. Why did you decide to outsource? 1:19
4. Did you consider other companies before selecting Future Processing? 1:48
5. How does cooperation with Future Processing add value to your business? 4:08
6. How do you see the future of our cooperation? 6:18
7. What difference has Future Processing made to iSite? 7:29