Ebook: Unlock the potential of nearshoring

Reading time: 1 min

Change towards a digital world has become characteristic of our times and it has brought a lot of disruption to the market, eliminating many traditional businesses from the game.

In this paper, we argue that organisations that stand still are now more likely to fall behind quicker than ever, it is finally the time to stop being aware of the need for a transformation and actually embark on the journey.

The paper consists of two parts. In Part I we look at what it means to be like a software company and discuss some practical considerations, arguing why nearshoring may be of great importance to achieving that.

Part II of the paper is devoted to those that would like to explore the topic of nearshoring further.

With this ebook, you’ll discover:

  • Why is it worth becoming more like a software company
  • Risks and opportunities of in-house and nearshore development
  • How IT executives are selecting the right outsourcing partner
  • How to write a perfect Request For Information
  • What are the engagement models in nearshore outsourcing
  • 10 signs your technology partner is engaged in the project