IT skills costs comparison – UK, Germany, Poland

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How much can it cost to hire a skilled programmer, business analyst or IT project manager?

Discover how the salaries differ, on the basis of data summarising year 2019, and choose the most cost-effective software development solution.

IT skills costs comparison – UK, Germany, Poland

There are a lot of factors to consider while you look for an IT partner and, although it is tempting and often promises significant cost savings, choosing IT outsourcer based on price is just an anxiety generator.

In order to maintain sound balance between value and quality, take a wide variety of factors into consideration. Cost-orientated choice can result in entering a relationship with a partner lacking sufficient scale, skills, infrastructure or even worse – lacking motivation.

Successful companies outsource IT projects to achieve business agility and understand this process is a long-term investment with a long-term payback. This definitely outweighs the deceiving quick cost savings which choosing someone based purely on price may promise.

To make sure that you are placing your business in good hands, read the article to find out, which country is one the best for outsourcing?

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