High quality software and cost-effectiveness – choose an IT partner from Poland

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Outsourcing to the wrong location may be a cost-effective solution but it is often associated with drawbacks that are inherent in working between multiple time-zones and cultural differences. That’s why many consulting companies from the UK recommend that domestic businesses try nearshoring in Central and Eastern Europe instead – and especially in Poland.

The geographical proximity is only one factor to consider — there are many more reasons why Polish outsourcing companies are valued throughout the United Kingdom.

Top 5 reasons why companies from the UK recommend nearshoring in Poland

  1. High quality code and a great collaborative experience

    • Healthy practices of software development
      Respectable Polish IT companies put a lot of emphasis on doing things the right way – in accordance with the newest trends and following both formal and informal rules that improve the final quality of the resulting software solutions. Coding standards and guidelines, keeping things simple, testing, reusability and scalability, are all respected in practice, and not just in theory.
    • Structured processes combined with a flexible approach
      Having well-organised processes doesn’t rule out flexibility. These two concepts go together hand-in-hand. The first one keeps the terms of cooperation clear and predictable, while the second one enables the ability to adapt quickly to accommodate shifting needs and business circumstances.
    • Good soft skills among managers
      Polish companies have well-trained managers who are skilled in communication and teamwork, which are crucial factors in flawless collaboration. They are responsive and have the ability to react quickly, whenever necessary.
  2. Cost-effectiveness

    • It costs up to 50% less to hire highly skilled experts
      For example, the average daily cost of hiring a Java, .Net or QA Junior Software Developer in Poland is £224, while in the UK it’s £425. The situation is similar for hiring the same kind of specialists on the senior level (£367 in Poland compared to £706 in the UK) and Mobile Developers (£336 in Poland vs. £640 in the UK).
      And there are many more examples of this, even in the case of experts with additional, more specific skills and specialities, who are quickly growing in demand in today’s software projects:

      1. System Architects (£394 in Poland vs. £751 in the UK) – are responsible for designing and implementing the technical vision within the software and also for building comprehensive architecture related to specific business needs.
      2. DevOps Engineers (£394 in Poland vs. £765 in the UK) – work with devs and other IT staff members, making sure that updates are being released in the most efficient way possible. Floating somewhere between development and deployment gives them a fuller picture and allows them to make improvements and automate processes.
      3. Scrum Masters (£340 in Poland vs. £655 in the UK) – are responsible for ensuring that the team is following the scrum framework and that agile values and principles are being fulfilled.
      4. Security Experts (£443 in Poland vs. £844 in the UK) – are responsible for preventing security breaches that could otherwise be seriously harmful to an organisation and the projects being run.
        The same gap (when it comes to daily rates) applies to Machine Learning and Big Data Specialists, as well as Product Designers. And it is important to mention that these specialists are just as skilled as their more expensive counterparts in the UK.
      Role & Level/daily rate in GBP Poland UK
      Junior Software Developer .NET/Java/Front/QA 224 425
      Software Developer .NET/Java/Front/QA 261 507
      Senior Software Developer .NET/Java/Front/QA 367 706
      Mobile Developer 336 640
      Solution Architect 394 751
      DevOps Engineer 394 765
      BA, UX 340 650
      Product Designer 394 762
      Scrum Master 340 655
      Security Specialist 340 661
      Security Expert 443 844
      Machine Learning / Business Intelligence 394 760
      BigData 482 929

      Source: Peru Consulting

    • Lower travel expenses
      In case you ever need to meet with any of these experts in person – a shorter distance to travel means cheaper plane tickets and accommodations, since it may not even be necessary to stay overnight sometimes. And one can’t forget about time saved on the plane.
  3. Experienced specialists

    • Broad experience and an urge to learn and improve
      The above mentioned software engineers, designers and data analysts who are based in Poland, often not only have experience working on a wide variety of projects, but also in different companies and countries. This means that they are well-equipped and used to adapting quickly to different situations. Plus, they consistently increase their own knowledge, by participating in training sessions and industry conferences, reading the latest materials, discussing problems with other specialists, and learning on their own.
    • Well-educated at top technical universities
      Their skills are also very often backed by education. Most of the Polish experts have graduated from the best technical universities in the country.
  4. Little to no culture gap

    • Shared perspectives on common problems
      Being part of the same culture helps people understand any problems that arise in a similar way. Less or no time is needed to explain certain concepts.
    • Proficiency in English
      Having a good command of the English language – both written and spoken – is crucial when it comes to cooperating with UK-based companies. Polish managers and technical experts have no barriers in communicating with their British partners.
  5. No time-zone issues

    • Smoother communication
      It’s always easier to get in touch when you don’t have to think about what time it is in your partner’s country, so you can quickly make a call or organise a video conference.
    • Faster responses
      Plus, when you contact someone you may expect a quick or even immediate response. This translates into more efficient work and faster delivery.

The most optimal solution: a Polish IT partner

Results of the highest quality from a smooth and cost-effective partnership are the main reasons why IT companies from the UK bet on Polish nearshoring companies.

If you would like to check out how this all works in practice – you can contact us, and we will be happy to tell you more about our offer.