7 reasons to have a dedicated team for software development

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Have you ever considered to hire a dedicated team to support your in-house software development? Here’s why you should think about!

A dedicated team means software developers working just for you. Whatever you need them to focus on, it’s your call. But apart from having their time and attention, there are some additional benefits you may have not thought about. Read on!

You can pick a development team that fits your needs and requirements

With a dedicated team, you can usually determine the level of seniority and the skills you need in your dream team. Do you need two senior .NET developers, a junior in React, a medium QA and a Security expert with a minimum of five years of experience? That’s what a dedicated team is. A good IT partner will have a wider offer, though – think experts in Business Analysis, DevOps, Big Data, IoT, Business Intelligence, Cloud, Machine Learning and AI.

A dedicated team is easier to hire than individual developers

Hiring individual developers may be difficult nowadays because of IT talent shortage combined with the dramatic spike in demand. As waiting time for developers increases, the clients with higher demands will be a priority on the busy software development marketplace. Generally, developers also like working in a team of colleagues, rather than be a single development support person in a team augmentation model.

Recruitment, employment, training are not your problems

It is your technology partner that has to worry about attracting and recruiting talent, sorting out the employment process, inductions and training. A considerable amount of effort is also made to retain people, ensure they develop themselves in their role, stay happy and motivated. IT talent shortage means a breadth of other work opportunities for developers. But this is not your problem. What you get is qualified engineers that you need for your project.

You save on overhead

When caution with budget is needed, consider hiring a dedicated software team via nearshoring, aka nearshore IT outsourcing. Costs of hiring developers in nearshore countries (e.g. Poland) are still substantially smaller compared to the Western EuropeUK, Germany, or Switzerland, for instance. Also it is your IT partner’s worry to cover the costs of hardware, software licenses, office space, utilities, training, employee benefits and others.

You have better scalability

Once you have a dedicated team working for you from an IT partner, it will be easier for you to scale up and down, even in the middle of a project. Your IT partner will (or at least should) make effort to accommodate your needs, employing extra people, providing required training or taking them off your project if such needs arise.

Your remote development team is managed

A dedicated team usually comes with an experienced team leader, or a manager responsible for the smooth running of your project. For you, this means the ability to focus on your core business by transferring the responsibility for project management, quality assurance and value delivery onto your technology partner.

You have a chance to start a great partnership

IT needs never end, and, with this in mind, it is worth having a partner for years. Hiring a dedicated team is a great starting point to test run the partner company with a view of a long-term collaboration. A team is a great sample to show you how the company’s skills, approach to clients and ways of working look in practice. Unlike in team augmentation, when hiring a dedicated team, companies naturally tend to form a more direct and permanent cooperation based on mutual understanding and trust.

Who is a dedicated team ideal for?

Hiring a dedicated software development team is a great option for those that like to have their focus on core business and prefer to pass responsibility for their IT projects into the hands of software development professionals.

Some technology companies, Future Processing included, have a broader than standard offer in the area of dedicated teams which – in our case – includes Business Analysts, UX specialists and specific competencies such as DevOps, Cloud, BI, Machine Learning, AI and others. This provides flexibility for current projects and serves as a backup in case project needs evolve in other directions.

So, if you think a dedicated team could be a great option for you, why not have a go?

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