iSite is a provider of cloud-based data solutions for capture, operation, integration and analytics, specialising in Corporate Real Estate, Facilities Management and Asset Management.

They produce software platforms for controlling the management of large property portfolios, the assets within those portfolios and the management of risks and associated governance from a legal and business perspective.

As well as public sector bodies such as government, local authority and arm’s length management organisations, iSite supports a wide range of private sector industries including Retail, Hospitality, Leisure, Pharmaceutical, Banking and Finance.

For years, iSite have been very good at providing their clients with niche bespoke solutions, but the needs of their clients have recently started shifting towards more generic systems. This, together with a desire to expand, meant iSite needed to move more towards a standard operating type of organisation which brought a set of difficulties.

Firstly, the company was relying on a document management technology that was quite dated and did not have the advancements they wanted to be able to offer to their clients. The system was 100% client specific and therefore difficult in terms of configuration which meant long boarding time for new clients. Secondly, it was getting difficult for the team to develop code for multiple client uses, one that could fit efficiently across multiple sites simultaneously and would offer a simultaneous running of updates.

To address these issues, iSite were looking for an organisation that was more experienced in developing code for multiple uses and more capable of delivering software as a service. They were also searching for a partner proficient in Microsoft technologies which would alleviate the difficulties of finding enough people with these capabilities in Nottingham.

Future Processing responded by providing adequate specialists who started off with a technical audit of iSite’s current system and provided a report that highlighted potential code and architecture issues along with suggestion how to mitigate them.

We then worked on architecture and code refactoring and created some new reporting features for one of their clients. The final product, to be launched in 2017, will be far less client-specific, more configurable and less code-dependent with much better usability.

While the solution has not gone to market yet, iSite are very happy with our cooperation so far:

I think Future Processing has changed the way that we think about developing software and that’s probably the key critical learning that we’ve had from all this. What Future Processing brought to us was new knowledge and new dimensions in understanding the way that we wanted to take software products to market. The way that my team has worked with the Future Processing team has been an absolute pleasure, and I think that they would all back me up with that, so it’s been great to work with you guys.

Graham Perry, iSite (part of Styles & Wood), Business Unit Director

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