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Why Future Processing?

Future Processing is a company that has grown from a group of friends into a team of over 800 people.


During the last 16 years of our existence we have developed strong and long term relationships with our clients and between each other. The one thing that has not changed though, is that we still have the passion and commitment that have been with us since the very beginning.

It was always our aim to prove that we can build a large, successful IT company almost as a side effect of following our philosophy that developed around something vastly different than meeting quarterly financial results.

So, if you seek a reliable IT company with many years of experience, Future Processing is the right choice for you.




We believe in building lasting relationships with our clients. They partner with us because we enable them to be innovative through our bespoke software development and allow them to focus on their core business.

We understand that each client and each problem is different, therefore we always take a personalised approach, often going beyond the standard framework of an outsourcing partnership.

By being able to quickly respond to our clients’ changing needs, we are able to help them grow and gain a competitive advantage.

Consequently, most of our clients work with us time and time again - as much as 83% of our revenue comes from client relationships that have lasted 3 years or longer



We have years of experience on our track record and with our wide pool of specialists we are able to offer a myriad of innovative solutions.

We understand that a lack of in-house expertise or capacity to meet your internal or your customers’ requirements can be detrimental to your business. This is where we can support you  – not only in the area of end-to-end bespoke software development, but also in analysis and design, database analysis, security, software project management, legacy software rewrites, user experience and graphic design.

Our experts are proactive - rather than say ‘yes’ to everything, our engineers will challenge you with questions in the interest of the best solution to your individual business problem. When your business requires extra competencies, we always do our best to deliver.

Being a software development company, we recognise that complicated problems often require solutions that bring together the strengths of many disciplines, therefore we always aim to meet expectations and we are not afraid of challenges. In fact, we believe that challenges help us grow and gain experience we can then use in the future

Our people share their knowledge by speaking at numerous conferences in Poland and abroad and share their expertise through internal and external training.

future processing microsoft gold partner  Since 2007 we have been a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and we constantly develop our skillset to ensure that we have an exceptionally high level of expertise. We boast an impressive list of certifications, in Microsoft technologies and beyond.



At Future Processing, we pay close attention to our clients and their projects.

One of our core values is quality, which is why we use testing as well as specialised methods and techniques adjusted to fit into the development and management processes.

Quality Assurance engineers are an integral part of each project team and are present at every stage of software development.  This helps us to deliver products, which are not only functional and easy-to-use but most importantly reliable

We believe that this focus on maintaining the highest quality is our core strength. 

Cost of correcting bugs:

quality assurance at future processing



We believe that working in Agile brings a number of benefits to both sides of the project, including accelerated time to market, the ease of managing changing priorities and an improved visibility of the project.

The approach also allows for a better alignment of IT and business and brings better productivity with issues discovered sooner meaning an increased product quality. On top of everything, quality and testing are an essential part of Agile methodologies, so companies can introduce their products gradually and each delivered piece of software is thoroughly tested.

For these reasons we have chosen Agile as our recommended approach for projects. At the same we remain flexible and open to client’s own preferred way of working.



We have a broad range of expertise in a variety of fields and industries and we are constantly developing to support the needs of our customers when they, for example, enter new markets or want to add specific competencies to their teams.

That is why more and more often we go beyond our core activity and, responding to ever changing market needs, we expand our offer. We create solutions connecting the three most important areas: users’ needs, business objectives and technology.

Over the years we have delivered numerous solutions, including:

  • cutting edge solutions for the construction market in Norway,
  • leading software solutions for healthcare and social care in the UK,
  • transportation solutions used in Helsinki, Sydney and London,
  • project that aims to revolutionise information sharing in global social sector,
  • intelligent video analysis system for cities currently used in Gliwice,
  • advanced systems for fluoroscopy, angiography, and the statistical analysis of medical images.



Over the years, Future Processing has won numerous awards and gained industry recognition.

This serves as the best proof that our company can successfully develop something vastly different than seeking to meet quarterly financial results.

There is also much less risk that people in your project will change because we have one of the lowest employee attrition rate – 9.7% total attrition against the average 12.5% in Polish IT sector. This translates into a happy team and we believe you also find it important to cooperate with people, who are passionate about their work.

We are also a member of the Global Sourcing Association (previously known as the National Outsourcing Association) and the Association of Business Service Leaders in Poland, which gives us access to the latest industry standards that can help carry your business forward.

 future processing global sourcing association       future processing crown commercial service      future processing clutch.co      future processing delloite      future processing absl



Our philosophy is simple but means more than a thousand words:

‘Great software…because we put People first’

Not only are we focused on creating high quality software, but we also strive to create a workplace where people are happy, excited and appreciated.

This is the reason why our organisation emphasises the importance of commitment, passion and team spirit which then translates into high quality products that make our clients satisfied.

We’ve created a workplace with no artificial walls, where each opinion is valuable. We trust each other and wish to create the happiest team willing to give their best during development and in relations between one another.



Poland was recently named no.1 best country for outsourcing in Europe and no.10 in the world.[1]

Based in the heart of Silesia, in Poland, we are at the hub of European software talent, technical expertise and innovation.

Poland is in the same or similar time zone to most European capitals which gives us the advantage to quickly address challenges and meet our clients in person thanks to proximity to international airports and no visa requirement for traveling in Europe.

Our work (and leisure) culture is very akin to our clients’, not to mention technical skills which are incredibly strong in Poland, with many international award-winning developers. Our main office is in Gliwice, conveniently located next to motorways and international airports.


[1] A.T. Kearney Global Services Location Index™2016 report www.atkearney.com/strategic-it/global-services-location-index



Annually, Future Processing organises numerous conferences, and each year they attract more and more people, not only from Poland but also from abroad.

So far these are:

  • Deadline24 – an international programming marathon. During the contest, the best programmers tackle algorithmic problems for 24 hours.
  • Quality Excites - nationwide conference on software quality, voted ‘Best free conference in Poland’.
  • Future Dev Dayinternal conference aimed at programmers from Future Processing. 
  • Best Practices of Software Development- a series of lectures aimed at expanding students’ knowledge and competence in the field of software development.

Organisation of these events over the years allowed us to gain a number of skills. Due to their scale, we have worked out mechanisms to exchange knowledge and hired many experts able to solve complicated algorithmic problems, assuring that your product is of the highest possible quality and, on top of it, it is easily usable.

Working with us, gives you access to knowledge and solutions developed by specialists in their fields.

deadline24 software development future dev day DPTO future processing



At Future Processing, we focus not only on our own development but also on supporting the development of others.

That is why we established FP Academy - a special training unit at our company which coordinates activities related to our development. It gives us the possibility to quickly and efficiently train people to answer your business needs.


Even though Future Processing has been on the market for quite a while now, we don't want to settle. We believe that with the help of technology and innovation we are able to provide businesses with solutions allowing us to shape a better future.


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"We've been partners now for almost 10 years, it's been a really good relationship. We've built a long-term relationship of trust and good working."

About Future Processing

Being a software development company, we recognise that complicated problems often require solutions that bring together the strengths of many disciplines. Therefore, our team at Future Processing has a broad range of expertise in a variety of fields and industries.

We believe in building lasting relationships with our clients. They partner with us because through our software services we enable them to innovate, be more competitive and focus on their core business.

As a consequence, most of our customers work with us time and time again.

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Why Future Processing?


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